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My Own Theory of Personality Essay

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❶Does it take forever for them to finish tasks? Some would say there are as many as their are people who are mentally ill.

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Personal Theory on Personality
Personality Theories
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Opposite to this thought they examine external surroundings as a key factor of human behavior. Exactly surround of the human, but not the internal psychical phenomena, forms it. The works of Skinner show us most prove that influence of environment is determined by our behavior. Not like other psychologists, Skinner asserted that almost the behavior is explained of possibility of reinforcement from the environment.

According to his opinion , to explain the behavior and in such way understand the personality , we need only to analyze functional relations between a visible action and visible consequences. Work of Skinner served like a foundation for science about behavior which has no analogues in history of psychology. Taking the opinion of others we can say that he is on of the high-honored psychologists of our time. His main focus was to target behavior and see that consequences deliver responses.

For example if take such thing as jail. Then somebody does crime and gets in jail after that this person want stop doing crimes it only will be trying to avoid punishment and become more sophisticated at avoiding the punishment. And bringing my research to the end I want to show how this theories fits me and how some parts of them will reflect on perspective of my personality. I can always feel that I am motivated by some psychical forces, because I often can do thing about which I will think how could I do it?

Libido is not only a sexual force it can motivate us for the strong leadership. This you can see in all your dialogue with society — one of thought which displayed Jung. About Skinners works I can only say that it that it is my common life because of the theory of punishment.

Every time when I get my punishment I think that this will be the last time when I do such a bad thing but when the punishment ends all things stands on its places and I can do such bad thing again but this time I shall be more careful and maybe I would avoid my next punishment.

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Hence, specific types of therapies and research methods have been tied to the various theories. This is why many people will refer to theories of personality as the primary architectonic of all psychology topics. The various approaches to studying the personality were lead by psychologists who are familiar names to students of psychology and counseling.

One of the best known of all personality theorists was Sigmund Freud. He and his followers believed the secrets to personality could only be unlocked by an awareness of consciousness brought about by psychoanalysis. Gordon Allport developed the trait approach: He believed a personality is comprised of dispositions and behaviors that may be inborn, conveyed by society, or developed by circumstance. For Allport and his followers personality is based partly on who one is, partly on with whom one lives, and partly on which needs are being met.

Watson, theorized personality could best be described through rational, scientific observation of actual, observed behaviors. Albert Bandura started out as a behaviorist, but set the foundations for theories of social cognition when he noted that personality tends to be an interactive construct: Only through guided introspections will I be capable of really getting in touch with who I am.

Sigmund Freud assumed people are pulled by conflicting hedonistic desires to avoid pain while pursuing pleasure. He developed a well known structural model to describe how people mediate their internal conflicts arising from their desire for an object and their concomitant need to do the right thing. He also articulated a number of defense mechanisms people use to cope with disappointment and feelings of inadequacy; namely,.

The oral stage infancy is associated with childhood behaviors of nursing and being weaned. If this stage does not go well, the child will grow up to be orally fixated e. The anal stage toddlerhood is associated with toilet training and control. If this stage does not go well, the child may grow up to be stingy, compulsively neat, or very messy. The phallic stage describing the oft referred to Oedipus and Electra complexes alleges children must fall in love with their opposite sex parent on their journey to sexual individuation.

Once in love, the child will mimic the activities and adopt the values of the same sex parent in an attempt to steal away the love of the opposite sex parent. If this stage does not go well, the child will grow up minus the traditional gender values.

He developed a therapeutic technique called psychotherapy to aid patients in reaching into the depths of their subconscious. It entailed out-loud reflections of the patient guided by introspective questions posed by the psychotherapist and included exercises such as free association, dream interpretation, projective tests e. If you have ever had a slip of the tongue, Freud would encourage you to examine that slip for its underlying message - your subconscious is trying to tell you something!

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According to his opinion, to explain the behavior (and in such way understand the personality), we need only to analyze functional relations between a visible action and visible consequences. Work of Skinner served like a foundation for science about behavior which has no analogues in history of psychology.

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Personality theory is rich in complexity and variety. So, in a simplistic sense, theories of personality are models created to help describe, understand, predict, or control the habits. What makes personality theories so interesting, I think, is that we can actually participate in the process. You don't need labs and federal funding, just a bit of intelligence, some motivation, and an open mind. Theory. It might be nice to start off with a definition of theories of personality.

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