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Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships and Grants

The FAFSA and Program Availability

❶Eligible applicants must be ILA members, have at least half-time teaching responsibilities, affiliate with an accredited U. Census Bureau, the National Institutes of Health, or other federal agencies.

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The Fulbright Program has a number of categories that address specific student groups as well. For example, there is the grant program for Israeli doctoral students that provides 16 different grants to eligible candidates.

These funds are distributed on an annual basis to students working at a US-accredited university or research institute. There is no specific field for grant eligibility; in fact, recipients can apply from health, engineering and even agricultural fields. Recipients also get to enjoy health insurance coverage paid for by the grant through the duration of covered study in the US. Many grants are set up and designed to promote the work of underrepresented groups in society.

As such, these programs can be taken advantage of by doctoral students that fall into specific groups. While most students want to be recognized on the basis of their skill and performance, those who are eligible are being given an opportunity to move ahead with added preference.

While it is fundamentally favoritism based on a demographic, such students can use the funds to help balance out the spectrum of doctoral degrees held by their demographic if successful. Some of the best well-known doctoral grant programs include the following:. Additionally, private foundations will also target specific demographic candidates as well, as discussed below.

Many private foundations are also a good source of grant and scholarship support via direct applications. These entities represent private companies or wealth individuals interested in seeing further advancement in particular research. The Eileen Blackey Doctoral Fellowship is funded by the NASW Foundation and provides partial financial support to approved applicants working in welfare issues and policy development. Ideally, such candidates will be working towards a career in business academia and related professor positions.

The Ford Foundation Fellowship Program provides 60 grants for pre-doctoral work. Candidates must either be working in a field of philosophy or a field of science and related doctor degree. For those studying in the medical field or related sciences, a number of grants and scholarships are available. A couple of examples are provided below, some with some significant amounts of support available for successful candidates who apply. The Oncology Nursing Society Foundation seeks to broaden the work of nursing doctorates and provides two grants for eligible applicants.

Eligible applicants are those seeking a doctoral degree in nursing oncology either as a clinical doctoral degree or a research degree. The awarded candidate will be working in cancer research and seeking support for a dissertation in cancer nursing academic work.

The Foundation for Physical Therapy seeks to advance the science of physical therapy with new research and techniques as a result of research. To this end, the Foundation supports doctoral candidates with the Florence P. PhD in Information Technology. MS in Information Technology. BS in Information Technology. PsyD - Doctor of Psychology. MS in Clinical Psychology. BS in Psychology Pre-Counseling.

PhD in Criminal Justice. PhD in Emergency Management. MPA - Public Administration. MS in Criminal Justice. MS in Emergency Management. BS in Criminal Justice. Federal and state governments are providers of various types of grants and fellowships that could fit your needs. You must be thorough and motivated to succeed in routing out all the funding opportunities. A few examples to get your juices flowing, include:.

Department of Education and the Federal government offer financial aid programs that go beyond the needs of undergraduates. Federal and state governments provide various types of grants and fellowships designed to benefit graduate and post graduate degree seekers. Here are a couple of examples of grant programs that are designed to benefit graduate and post — graduate students:. Many Federal agencies such as the EPA, the Justice Department and the National Science Foundation offer grants to qualifying students to enable them to complete their graduate and doctorate studies.


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1 Whether you're working towards a Doctor of Education (EdD) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education, doctoral grants for teachers and doctoral grants for education can save you thousands. Like scholarships, grants offer free student aid that won't need to be repaid. Most organizations award grants to fund dissertation research and/or service projects.

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Contact The PhD Project; Education Funding. You are here: Home / Resources / Education Funding. The Hispanic Scholarship is accepting applications for grants to help Hispanic graduate and undergraduate students complete their degrees in all fields of study. The IIA Research Foundation supports an ongoing doctoral dissertation grant.

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Doctoral Scholarships & Grants For anyone considering the road of a doctoral program, one thing should always remain on the radar: scholarships will be needed to help fund the cost. Doctoral programs sit at the end of a long academic career as the next step for those who want to finalize their graduate academics into a bona fide research status. Colleges and universities offer grants for doctoral students. Competition to win a doctoral grant from a university can be stiff; most schools only accept a limited number of PhD candidates per year. with the help of DDCF Touring Awards. Dissertation Fieldwork Grants support research initiatives for doctoral students whose work.