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❶Q7 What are the steps taken by Primark for initiating branding within the organisation, Primark?

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Help On Dissertation Branding help on dissertation branding. These corporations therefore, must constantly be seeking new ways for marketing their goods by constantly considering new imagery through research. The brand then becomes a Brand Identity. The above paragraphs have allowed us to understand the differences between a product and its brand, leading us to a brand identity.

I am now going to discuss two advertisments in order to illustrate how this brand identity works and how it effects our lifestyles. How companies target different audiences in society and cultures in order to sell their products. In this quote from him he explains his techniques used to infuse Nike and starbucks coffee brand with meaning.

Or that you already know what it looks like due to already owning one or seeing someone else wear one. The model in the advert also is a famous athlete, which people generally teenagers aspire to be like.

The target audience i would think were teenagers as they dominate the consumer market for clothing and other branded goods, as they have more free money to blow than most adults. So it is not surprising to find Nike pitching its lifestyle branding at them, hoping that this is not just an a teenage faze but will stay with them as the grow up, consuming more and more of that brands products trying to keep up with the new cool of the companies imagery of how your lifestyle should be.

Other implications of the advert like wearing this brand will help you achieve your goals to be a sporting hero are misleading and false. But know we understand that the most important thing we do is market the product.

Jockey international makes HIlfiger underwear, Pepe jeans London makes Hilfiger jeans, Oxford industries make Tommy shirts, the Stride Rite corporation makes its footwear. Tommy Hilfiger manufactures nothing at all.

So in this advertisement we can see a range of Hilfiger products that are not designed or made by Tommy Hilfiger only their name implanted on the product is theirs. In the advertisement there are a group of friends, or they appear to be by there relaxed attitude to each other and close proximity to each other.

There is a large american flag in the background and a strap line to go with it: So the Tommy Hilfiger brand identity would appear to me to say that its a relaxed laid back company, that is cool to wear and your friends will think so to if you wear there products.

Also the girl in the advertisement is smelling one the of male models neck, admiring the Tommy fragrance and her arm is also around his shoulder, implying the fact she is attracted to him or she is already his partner due to the fact he uses Tommy products.

With the help of adequate measures, the organisation is trying to gain repeat customers that help in winning loyalty of the customers. Apart from that, loyalty of customers also derives avoidance of switching customers to rival firms.

However, Primark also aims to cater the needs of the loyal customers so that as per their alternations, supply process is systematised. Customers within an organisation can be best retained with the focus on quality that does not compromise the requirements of the customers. Primark among customers brings loyalty, as the concept of fashionable clothing is adequately desirable within the stores. Loyal customers are satisfied with the fashionable outlets of clothing for men, women and teens that is effectively attracting consumers till 35 years of age.

Branding helps respondents in generalising idea about the quality of the product that creates a sense of satisfaction and security within them and enables better marketing of the branded products.

Branding in a retailing sector helps in gaining information related to the consumer marketing that also helps in evaluating the needs of the customers with broader view. Retailing sector is intensifying rapidly where organisations need to have loyal customers rather than new customers so that it can sustain in the long-run.

Brand strategy brings higher penetration for the needs of the customers that are essentially required to sustain in the retail market. Target market for retail sectors of the UK is quite large that needs application of branding so that within the competitive market, sustainability can be achieved. Concepts as brand building and brand awareness for an organisation or product are helpful in getting attraction from the consumers and gaining better market hold over competitors.

Primark as an organisation beliefs in rendering service to the customers with best quality so that value to customers can be of best quality. Customers try to understand the value given to them by the organisation that also brings loyalty within customers and encourages being Primark as the preferable brand in comparison to others. In Primark, customisation is the priority of the organisation that helps in bringing better value for the customers apart from gaining loyalty of consumers.

However, as per response of respondents, few of the areas within Primark can be achieved to a much better level where much better results can be obtained. Introduction of e-commerce will help in better marketing and advertisement of Primark that will promote better brand awareness as well.

Aggressive form of marketing strategies is absent in Primark that gives scope to other clothing retail sectors of acquiring market dominance. Lucrative and promotional offers helps in attracting customers that also promotes the brand and helps in delivery of better brand awareness among the target profile.

Apart from that, focus on continuous benchmarking can help organisation in reviewing the quality of service and product existent. Standardisation of a company tries to seek the best level of performance for a set of activities. On the other hand, standardisation also brings better level of customer relationship management as communication is enhanced. Benchmarking also backs up the idea of continuous assessment that helps in upgrading the system processes as per alignments of the customers.

As the company grows ad establishes, chances of losing the concept of benchmarking may become less focussed. However, standardisation helps in enhancing the performance level of the organisation. Branding as a concept helps in reviewing the benchmarking system that enables the system upgrading of organisation to cater better value to the customers.

As the branding is helpful in defining the quality of the product so the customers tends to back on the branded products over local goods. Further, branding initiates the concept of high quality as per specification of the customers so the chances of customer satisfaction are much higher.

The goodwill earned by the organisation is helpful in bringing success and growth to the organisation. Branding ensures quality preference within consumers that also promotes goodwill of the organisation. Brand makes consumer to be a group for the company to carry on with a long lasting impression. Through brand value the organisation, can able keep it promises. Branding strategy helps in increasing sales of the organisation that also increases the trust and confidence within the consumers of Primark.

Price strategy is helpful in attracting consumers it might not be effective enough in retaining customers within the organisations. Effect of successful branding is for longer period of time that also encompasses positive points of higher growth and sales as well.

Respondents feel that price of goods for branded products are not the priority as the same constituents can be available in non-branded or local goods. Brand defines the choice of the consumer while price acts as an attraction factor for the customers. This section of data analysis comprises qualitative description of the particular research topic as stated by the managers of Primark stores that are situated across the UK.

Moreover, qualitative study allowed detail analysis for each sub-topic helping in better penetration of the study topic. Customers as opined by managers of Primark are fashion conscious hence while preferring brand of Primark they are convinced that clothes available at the store are fashionable yet of higher quality.

The competitive market of clothing retail is getting competitive where brand value is emphasising on quality along with satisfaction of the consumers. An organisation with brand value aims to attain the mind positioning within the consumers that accelerates their demand towards the organisation instead of the product.

Brand value is a crucial tool that defines the goodwill and success rate achieved by Primark amidst other competitors dealing in clothing retail.

Managers of Primark proposed that branding helps in increasing the familiarity among the customers and increases the market dominance as well. Branding within organisation promotes recognition among the consumers and thus becomes a reliable tool that enables inclination among consumers. Consumers being satisfied by the quality recognise the brand of the product and prefer the brand for the next purchase.

Thus, branding ensures gaining loyal customers and promotes business growth for the organisation. Managers of Primark observed that consumers while making selection of clothes opt for quality and fashion adopted by the organisation. Being satisfied with both the criteria, pricing is the next level that highlights brand of Primark.

The organisation by consumers is primarily judged by the quality instead of the product. Brand helps in adding identity to the. As branding helps in larger attention of the consumers, so it brings better sales of the organisation as well. Managers observed that branding brings many new customers for the organisation and satisfaction from first buying experience helps in gaining loyal customers that is crucial for enhancing sustainability as well as sales of the organisation.

Branding strategy positively affects the sale of the organisation as it brings larger customer base for Primark. Recognition of the organisation helps in attracting consumers and growth of loyal customers takes place within the organisation. Advertising and marketing strategies are helpful in bringing customers within the organisation, whereas, branding promotes loyalty of consumers and recognition of organisation. Technology up gradation at frequent intervals is an issue for the organisation.

Primark stores across the nation need to be continuously upgraded so that the best available service is given to the customers and competitiveness is maintained in the market. However, implementation of technology boosts up the branding strategy of the organisation by easing the shopping experience of consumers. Apart from that, employees newly recruited have to be given training and learning sessions that can help in extracting the best class service delivery from the employees.

Employees of Primark are the representatives and are considered responsible for the image of the brand. Managers try to train their employees who can deliver best class service and bring satisfaction from the consumers. Apart from that, the management that helps in addressing the grievances of the consumers and imparts value for the customers usually accesses customer community.

Managers tried to highlight the pining lists of factors helpful in bringing brand recognition to the organisation, Primark. The employees involved in the front line service try to understand the demand and preference of the customers in the best possible manner so that the communication can be at the most clear way. Suiting the customisation of the consumers, products are offered that helps in achieving a higher level of satisfaction.

Primark tries to cater their customers in the best possible way, and as per their preferences and demands, products are offered. Customers being satisfied with the service deliver are turning into loyal consumers and thus are enhancing the brand recognition of Primark. Branding gives an edge to the performance level of Primark. The organisation is recognised as catering fashionable clothes until the age of This level of standardisation is effectively met with the help of branding strategy.

Branding extends the sales of the organisation that helps in bringing new customers to Primark with the help of added advantages. Branding brings new customers to the organisation that helps in generation of income and improves sales of the organisation. Attraction of larger number of customers helps in expansion of the market as positive word-of-mouth forces new customers to take entry in Primark.

Brand of the organisation is facing new markets and is enjoying the market opportunities adequately. Satisfied customers are referring the brand to their known ones and are helping in promotion of the organisation via verbal mode.

Such positive publicity brings more number of customers and on being satisfied convert these customers into loyal ones. Repeated customers of Primark are the sole strength that is catered as per their alterations so that they do not switch to other brand.

The fashion conscious customers of Primark are regularly available with the trendiest and fashionable outfits so that they can have wide range of products and brand of the organisation can be justified adequately. Thus, these are the possible opportunities that concept of branding can give to an organisation along with ensuring high success and sustainability to the organisation.

As per viewpoints of the managers, brand helps in creating a satisfaction level within the consumers that helps in prevention of the dissatisfaction among the consumers. Quality is attached with the brand of an organisation, however, consumers follow brand in order to prefer quality to other organisation. In Primark, company aims to follow the fashion as per taste and preference of the shoppers and buyers to gain maximum sales.

However, brand of Primark tries to value customers by acting as per their alterations. The entire discussion on the selected topic centres round the aspect of understanding of the brand value of the company by the potential and the prospective customers with special reference to Primark, the fashion clothing retail firm. As cited from the study of the research paper, the consumers of Primark are observed by the researcher so that the value of branding can be evaluated with a specific example of an organisation.

As seen in the secondary and primary sources. Consumers are relying on the concept of branding and making their choices of product with the sense of security and reliability. Primark is trying to focus more on imparting value to the customers so that they can feel their importance for the organisation and gain have more trust and confidence in the organisation. Based on the data collection process, the researcher will try to identify the linking obtained between the objectives and the practical applications.

As per objectives of the research study, the researcher has tried to link the related data so that credibility and success rate of the study can be improved. As observed in Part A, Table 3, majority of the respondents are agreeing that branding helps an organisation in enhancing the sale of the products or services. Based on the survey, the researcher found that maximum levels of consumers are influenced brand of a product while buying a product.

The role as defined by the managers states that branding helps in adding recognition to the organisation where the chances of visibility ad awareness is levelled up and customers on the other hand prefer the brand to competitors. With the help of branding, managers opined that an organisation like Primark is able to gain high sales along with market expansion. Primark is adopting branding strategy to gain both the new as well as loyal customers.

Branding as a strategy helps in achieving the recognition for the product along with the awareness about the organisation. Primark tries to encourage branding by customising the product as per desire of the customers. Branded products, as observed in Part A, Table 6, are better accepted by respondents who are also customers of Primark.

The analysis of the chart depicted that the consumers had better accepted retailing products under the influence of branding strategy. Further, the branding is also helpful in influencing the decision-making process of consumers as they affect their choice of products over others.

Managers pointed out that branding brings recognition and a piece of display among the society that attracts the consumers for a branded good. In such cases, prices are not the crucial aspect for making judgement of product selection. Factors defining the role of brand for Primark includes customer relationship management, service quality, brand value and price of the products as defined in Part A, Table 7. Survey depicted preference for branding is attributes of brand value that also describes the ability of attracting consumers for a particular organisation.

Managers commented that brand recognition within new consumers is often due to loyal customers that are supported by the concept of word-of-mouth communication. Depending on the analysis and result of the study, the researcher has listed recommendations that can help in bridging the gap between the issues and the proposed solutions. According to the topic of the study, the researcher has suggested few criteria that can help in better branding strategy for Primark that can help in bringing customers within the organisation.

Primark with the help of e-commerce can excel in the growing trend of internet and technology. The target customers of Primark are the young generation that are more related to the digital world and are getting information for any product with the source of internet. Primark with much focus on e-commerce can hold on the idea of getting better brand awareness along with scoring better performance level over other competitors. Online shopping also promotes easier mode of shopping for consumers that enables better marketing activities for the organisation.

Further implementation of online shopping enables concept of better branding to the organisation by adding more recognition to the products of Primark. Market expansion and growth of business will be boosted in a positive way for Primark and will enable better branding for Primark. Social media marketing is the trend adopted in the developed markets like within the UK. Marketing and promotional activities helps in better identity and recognition of a company that directly influence the branding of the organisation.

With the help of marketing and promotional activities, Primark need to draw attention on the brand that essentially focuses customers who are fashion conscious. Integration of social media enables better brand awareness among the consumers and helps organisation in becoming the choice of the consumers at first place.

UK market for retail sector is invariably large as it targets almost every person without any special criterion or division. With the help of steady growth, the business will have larger number of customers that will increase the recognition of the organisation along with boosting up the brand. With the help of feedback, organisation can enhance the branding strategy and can accordingly cater the customers. Constructive feedback will help in adding valuable attributes to the organisation that also enables better customer satisfaction of the consumers and thus promotion of the organisation will take a positive form.

The time was limited for a specific time that does not allow participation of larger sample sizes for better quality of analysis. Financial budget was also a restriction in the study that limited the quality of the study. Scope of the study due to restrictions could not be exploited to its proper potential level. Further, comparative study also enhances chances of observing the various steps applied in both the organisations.

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Q3 How far you agree Primark is attempting to focus on branding to generate new customers and retain old one? Q5 How far you agree that branding is important while selecting a retail product?

Q8 How far you agree maintenance of standardisation of a product is crucial for branding? Q9 How far you agree that branding helps in increasing the reliability for a product? Q10 How far you agree brand of a product is more important than price of the product? Q4 How branding strategy helps in enhancing the sales of the organisation, Primark? Q5 What are the advantages gained with the implementation of branding stratgy within Primark?

Q6 What are the limitations of the branding strategy that limits the potentiality to certain extent? Q7 What are the steps taken by Primark for initiating branding within the organisation, Primark? Q9 What are the possible opportunities that can be gained with the implementation of the branding strategy? Need assignment help in Canada?

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IntroductionWith the increase enhancement in the field of technology, it has been considered essential by the businesses to implement such technology in their b At each stage of merger and acquisition process, HR plays a s IntroductionIn this competitive business environment where every business organization is trying to attract the customers of each other, it becomes essential for Kinds of Research Design.

Customers of Primark since when?. Satisfaction with brand value of Primark. Loyalty of customers towards the brand, Primark.

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