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Programs like Skim and Marvin make it easy for you to annotate a text on your eReader. Go to a quiet, isolated spot at school, like the library or a study hall. If you are at home, close the door of your room and let others around you know you are not to be disturbed. Read the book slowly and carefully. To annotate a book properly, you need to take your time and read the book slowly. Pay attention to each word in the text.

Pause and think about a passage in the text before moving on. Moving slowly through the text will ensure you do not miss anything and that you annotate the text well. Start by underlining any phrases that feel important to you.

Often, key phrases appear at the end of a sentence. They may also appear after a colon or a comma. Look for phrases that appear several times in the text, as they are likely important. You do not want to end up with pages of underlined phrases, as it will be difficult for you to determine which ones are actually important.

You can also underline phrases you like or find interesting. If a sentence strikes you or stands out to you, underline it so you can return to it later. Circle or box key words. Look for words that seem important to the author. You may circle words that connect back to the main idea in a section.

Or you may draw a box around words that are repeated several times in the book. The author may tell you to keep certain words in mind as you read the text.

Make sure you circle or box these words as part of your annotations. If you feel several lines in a section are important, use brackets to indicate this in the text. Try to choose only several lines or short sections of the text to bracket.

Bracketing long sections can make it hard for you to return to the annotation later and get a clear sense of why you noted the section. Keep a running list of words that you do not know or are not familiar with. Write them down on a separate piece of paper or at the end of the text. Then, look up the terms so you know what they mean. Consider the meaning of the term in the context of where it appears in the book. Keep a dictionary handy so you can look up terms you do not recognize quickly and easily.

Reflect on the book in the margins. Have a conversation with the text by writing down your thoughts and reflections in the margins as you read.

You may write one or two words to mark your thoughts. You can also jot down short phrases in the margins as they come. As you read, ask yourself questions like, "What is the author trying to tell me as the reader? Make a list of questions you have about the book. As you read, write down any questions you have about the text.

Jot them down in the margins or at the bottom of the page. Ask questions about words or phrases that confuse you. Print out the PDF and keep it with your school work for easy reference.

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